Saturday, June 1, 2013

No more appointments, no more paperwork!

We have successfully survived our day of international medical evaluations. We survived--but it was not pretty. I wish that I could paint an appropriate picture for you of the scene. The office was crazy crowded. It reminded me of our pediatrician's office during the peak of cold and flu season. However, instead of sick children, the room was filled with overwhelmed adopted children...and the room temperature had us all sweating from the start. Total chaos from start to finish.. Doctor Daddy had a tough time with the system in general.  He had many suggestions for improvements that he kept to himself:), but the end was most challenging. "Parents- no go in room"---instead,  you sit at the door and listen to the horrid screams of your child as they give 5 ml of blood for TB testing. Allie Ruth was more challenging than others, & it took them FOREVER to draw the blood. Apparently, they tried 3 different places before they were successful. Sweet little girl was pitiful. She cried, I cried, and then she fell asleep in my arms. Whew, we are glad that is over! No more appointments, no more paperwork. We are just here waiting on our scheduled US Consulate time (which is Wed), and then we are headed back to Alabama!

Each day gets sweeter and sweeter with Allie Ruth. She is getting more comfortable with us, so we are now seeing her true personality. It's so AMAZING  how similar her personality is with one of her big brothers. In fact, they are only 15 months apart in age, so this is gonna be good! :) We can't wait to be together as a family of 5.
Here are a few pictures that we thought you all might enjoy...
Allie Ruth's first bathtub experience...and she loved it. Gone are the days of orphanage sponge baths! 

Out and about in Chongqing.

Allie Ruth's first experience outside for consecutive hours. When we asked her caretakers if they used sunscreen on her, they replied, "no go outside."

Those two fingers are her comfort.

She loves to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with me.


  1. Thank u. Praying. Very overwhelming for me, can't imagine what this is all like for u. U two r amazing. Miracles abound . Love to u all.

  2. Poor baby girl, Poor Mommy and yes I am sure your husband was little on edge. When we were there I had a problem with the fact that they did not wash there hands between children or where gloves....hopefully that has changed. Also I do not remember them taking blood from Sophie but definitely the shot and the tears :( I think Allie Ruth is going to be just fine with her new American life!!!! Can't wait to meet her!!! Sherrie

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience; she is so precious! She is a blessed little girl!